Make the most out of your video ads

Clipflip is an interactive video platform, helping marketers, agencies and brands from all over the world, to tell immersive and impactful stories. Take the chance and take your videos to the next stage.

How it works

Here is an overview of what is involved when creating an interactive video.

Upload your work

We know you have already put a lot of effort into your video. Click upload, sit back and relax while we take care of uploading your video onto our servers.

Of course you can also upload your video to your personal Dropbox and share the URL with us.

Create overlays

Embrace your creative side and adorn your interactive video with overlays that hook your viewers from the get-go. Clipflip Studio will help you design, build and customize an eye-catching experience that will boost your views.

Add interactivity

The only limit is your imagination - almost! Click & hover, CTA, Text, images animations and more. Select from a wide array of interactivity features and dazzle your video with style. The icing on the cake: create multiple versions to find out what works best.

Publish it to the world

Happy with the outcome? Then share it with friends, customers and tell the whole world about it. To do so you are spoilt for choice and can choose between exporting a Vast-Tag, embed it into your CMS or website backend or share it across social media.

Export an in-depth report

Numbers don’t lie and that is the reason why Clipflip measures why your video creates buzz or receives an absolute knock-back. Extensive charts, graphs and interaction metrics  – we deliver you anything you want to know from basic video performance metrics to interaction metrics.

One ad.
Multiple clickthroughs.

Interactive ads offer multiple interaction points in one single campaign. Include different visual CTAs and direct your viewers to distinct destinations – from a specific product or landing page to your website. Clipflip adds new dimensions to your ads by enhancing them with multiple clickthrough URLs. Say goodbye to your one general clickthrough URL and welcome all the new possibilities.


Measure Success

Besides the usual VAST events, we also track every interaction with the overlays. Our intuitive reporting dashboard gives a good overview of how the video and its overlays performed. All data can be exported as CSV – which makes it super simple to integrate into your overall process.

Innovative Overlays

We pushed beyond the regular one-click overlays and created overlays like "Spot + Wing" – an extension that opens on hover with an additional image, button and text. This helps to provide more context and keeps the viewer longer in the video.

VAST 3.0 & 4.2

We support the latest VAST versions that enable you to run your ads on any ad server without any problems. With our VAST-Tag your interactive videos can be used for instream videos like Pre-, Mid- and Postroll ads.

Easy to embed

Running a campaign on a website or landing page? No problem! Clipflip automatically generates an embed code that can be implemented on any site. Even without the adserver environment, we take care of all the tracking and reporting.
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it’s time to get the most out of your videos

Video is good. Interactive is better!

Creativity is now the currency of value. While traditional or linear videos only provide you with a pause, rewind, fast forward and restart function, interactive videos put the viewers at the center of action. A variety of features allow your viewers to interact with the video content itself, control the course of the story and give them access to diverse content in one single video. Similar to other web content, users can click, scroll, drag, hover and perform other digital actions with the video's content. In a digital world full of distractions, interactive videos keep your audience's eyeballs on the screen.

more engagement
more viewing time
more clicks


All the plans include : Support/15 min - €25 ; Creative services/1 h - €25

/ Month
1 users
1 hour of onboarding / training
3 video projects per month
1 hour of support included
80 000 video views included
€1.50 (video playtime max 60 sec.)
Additional user - €25/month
Additional Project - €50/month
/ Month
3 users
1 hour of onboarding / training
10 video projects per month
2 hour of support included
200 000 video views included
€1.30 (video playtime max 60 sec.)
Additional user - €25/month
Additional Project - €50/month
/ Month
10 users
2 hour of onboarding / training
Unlimited video projects
5 hour of support included
500 000 video views included
€1.10 (video playtime max 60 sec.)
Additional user - €25/month
Additional Project - unlimited

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Are you GDPR compliant?

Clipflip takes privacy matters very seriously. Our company follows all GDPR guidelines and only collaborates with partners that take privacy as seriously as we do.

For more detailed information, please review our terms of service and privacy policy here.

Where can I review Clipflip terms and conditions?

Please review our terms of service and privacy policy here.

Can I share interactive videos on social media?

Yes and No.The main social media platforms do not currently support HTML5 video, therefore they do not support interactive video.We recommend you to share the links of your interactive videos on social media with a thumbnail, headline and description so people can click and open the interactive video which the viewer can play right away, on any device.

Can I get help designing and creating my interactive experiences?

The clipflip tool is very user-friendly and intuitive, but we do offer help in designing and creating interactive experiences for you. Please contact our experts here:

Where are my interactive videos hosted?

We use Mux to store and encode your videos. When uploading a video in our dashboard the file will be transcoded into the HLS format and stored on the Mux infrastructure. Their servers are distributed around the world in order to provide the best loading time for your videos.

How can I contact support?

The fastest way to contact our support team is to use the chat on our website. If you prefer to send an email please use this email address:

Can I try the product first before I start a subscription?

Once you sign-up on our platform, you will immediately have access to a demo version of our tool for 30 days.You will be able to upload and edit one project using the pre-existing templates. We also offer a 30 minutes training session with our experts so you can start telling your story.